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FrameGuard is a factory applied, two-part coating technolgy designed to increase the durability of your home. The FrameGuard coating contains a blend of anti-mold chemicals and borate technology that alleviates problems from mold, termites, and fungi..

The organic compunds remain close to the surface to provide protection against mold; moldicides inhibit the enzymes ability to break down the wood and consume sugars and starched mold needs for growth. Meanwhile, the borate component penetrates deep into the wood providing protection again both decay and insects.

FrameGuard is green product for its exceptional durability and ability to reduce pesticide treatments. It was a 2007 NAHB Green Building Award winner and is GreenSpec listed. The components of the FrameGuard chemical are all found in everyday products such as crayons, food, lotions, and cosmetics.

Today’s standard building codes require only a very small amount of lumber to be treated against rot fungi and wood ingesting insects. FrameGuard provided the the proactive homeowner the ability to have all of the above ground wood framing components protect against the damaging effects mold, termites, and fungal decay.

FrameGuard’s green color is visible assurance that the complete surface of processed wood framing components have been coated. The factory application eliminates possible scheduling conflicts, inconsistent application and incomplete coverage associated with on-site treatments.

Here are the benefits:

  • Increases the durability of your home.
  • Resists mold and fungus growth.
  • Resists termites.
  • Wood stabilizer.
  • Factory application process allows for protection of your entire home from the first day it is exposed to the elements.
  • Environmentally friendly product contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Transferable limited warranty.

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