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Many homeowners request enhanced energy conserving options for their home, because they want to do everything possible to live responsibly. There’s many products available depending on your level of interest and budget considerations.

The in-house Green Building Team will work with you to ensure you get the most efficient, durable home possible. This team constantly studies the industry looking for new technologies and better methods of green building so they can extend that knowledge to your home.

Solar arrays, producing electricity through 273 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of several manufacturing facility throughout the U.S. Solar panels generate one third of the energy use to manufacture your sustainable home.

We have a comprehensive recycling system. Not only do we recycle the easy items like paper and plastic bottles, but we have made partnerships with local industries that have allowed us to find markets for almost all of the waste. We recycle and reuse plastic wrap, plastic straps, metal, house wrap scraps, foam board, cardboard, sawdust, and wood scraps.

By building green we incorporate energy efficient details and specifications to meet rigorous guidelines set by the EPA’s Energy Star features and construction practices. This will result in a home that is 20 to 30 percent more energy efficient than a standard home.

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