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These are beautiful prefabricated modern home built in a huge facility. Each home goes through a rigorous test. They are strong yet sustainable, innovative and flexible. They can be made with any design of your choosing.

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This beautiful perfect home in a mountain setting. This model is called "Balsam", it puts a rustic, modern spin on a classic mountain cabin with an open floor plan, passive solar design and an air-tight structure to ensure energy efficiency.

This home has a "WebTec Floor" system and features like an Energy Wall (for South package) or you can get it with Double Stud Wall (for North package). The "Typar" weather barrier house wrap that helps protect against moisture. It comes with a covered front porch. Plus, an energy modeling for your climate.

And you have the option to have pre-painted sliding doors, window package based on your climate, solar hot water, fresh air ventilation and timber frame gable accents.

New Designs

Passive solar layout with a modern flair: ample south-facing glass, vaulted ceilings and high clerestory windows in end bedrooms give this house an open, airy feel. Side entry porches allow abundant outdoor living space.

The Ridgeline is one of the most popular Renew Collection homes. As with all models in this collection, it’s pre-designed to use two-thirds less energy than a typical home, making achieving net-zero energy even easier.

A collage of new construction home images
A collage of new construction home images

Designed for high performance and premium green living, feature vaulted ceilings, plenty of windows, 2126 square feet of indoor living space and 400 square feet of outdoor space.

As with all models in the Renew Collection, it’s pre-designed to use two-thirds less energy than a typical home, making achieving net-zero energy even easier.


Beautiful Prefab Homes

We build strong yet sustainable, innovative and flexible prefabricated homes. We will put your new home on "Sustainable Fiberglass Composite Pilings". This material that can withstand high winds and can Self-Extinguished in 15 seconds.

A collage of new construction home images


Fiberglass Composite Pilings & Sheet Pilings

Here at SandCastle Developers, we believe in using the highest quality of sustainable materials and for homes built on the shore the “Fiberglass Composite Pilings” and “Seawall” a.k.a. (Bulkhead) to keep the beach erosion at bay a must. The benefits of sustainable materials are at least twofold, the non-pollution aspect and the financial aspect.

The Cost benefit is fantastic.  The lower cost from contractors will put a smile on your face due to ease of installation.  It is light weight, lower mobilization cost, speed of installation which includes driving, handling, and cutting.  Less pilings in monopile system.

Contain no chemical preservatives that leach into the water, sustainable fiberglass composite pilings are environmentally friendly and are the choice of “green” developers of clean marinas and waterfront properties.

Large projects will also greatly benefit from the efficiency and ease of installing these special Sustainable Fiberglass Composite Pilings.  Compared to wood or steel, their lighter weight makes handling much easier for the marine contractor.

In many cases, they can be driven over existing piles, greatly reducing demolition costs.

If you want to maximize the life of your investment and eliminate the worry of replacing your pilings in the next 15, 20 or 30 years, specify the best piling you will ever work with than this is the way to go.

This also goes for the Sheet Pilings, you can maximize the life of your investment and eliminate your worry of replacing your sheet pilings over several years.  The sheet pilings are special marine-grade resin system locks in the thousands of interwoven rovings and mattings to produce a sheet piling that can withstand the toughest conditions.

Does steel, concrete and wood give you the performance guarantee you would expect for paying thousands more on your seawall – not even close!  Choose the seawall product that’s designed specifically for marine applications – and comes with an industry leading warranty.

Check out the Sheet Pilings (Bulkhead) colors

We are working with several great companies who believes in the same vision as we do here in SandCastle Developers.

These companies provide ‘composite pilings‘ that can withstand high winds, ‘sheet-pilings‘ also known as ‘bulkhead‘ that can hold back tons of water in a storm like ‘Sandy’ and beautiful ‘panelized construction‘ homes that can withstand winds of over 100 miles an hour.

Click on the icon below for more information on the sustainable products that we work with – all proudly made here in this beautiful country of ours the United States of America.



By building green we incorporate energy efficient details and specifications to meet rigorous guidelines set by the EPA’s Energy Star features and construction practices.  This will result in a home that is 20 to 30 percent more energy efficient than a standard home.

There’s over 80 options to choose from.  There’s from a one-Story Augusta to a one-Story Newport to connected Homes with 3 Bedrooms/Baths designs.

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  • 2” x 6” x 8’ wall panels
  • Double 2” x 10” headers in all wall panels
  • 5/8” CDX plywood sheathing
  • 5/8” CDX plywood sheathing
  • Complete half scissor truss roof system
  • Upper level steel floor support pole (two story)
  • Web-tec floor system for upper level (two story)
  • Compression ring and tension collar

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Are stronger than wood, steel or concrete. It doesn’t rust, there’s no rot or crumbling. It is 100% resistant to insects. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly – No harmful coatings or preservatives are use. Attractive, finish protects from UV rays.

Please, reach us at SandCastle Developers  (973) 464-5506 or  Email Us for more information.  You can also use the  Contact Form.

  • Self-extinguished in 15 seconds
  • 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ diameters. It can be made bigger.
  • 20′ to 70′ lengths can be manufactured
  • Longer lengths can be manufactured
  • Easier handling during installation
  • 1/3 the weight of wood
  • 1/4 the weight of steel
  • Easily drilled, cut and fastened
  • Can be driven using a variety of methods and equipment
  • Consistent weight, size and straightness


Marinas and Boating

As per the US EPA, Marinas and recreational boating are very popular uses of coastal waters. The growth of recreational boating, along with the growth of coastal development in general, has led to an increased awareness of all hazardous chemicals that are being use to create wood pilings and bulkheads.

We are here to make aware that we as humans can avoid the deterioration of our shoreline if we use the right materials like Sustainable Fiberglass Composite Pilings and SheetPiles aka (bulkhead).

Take a look at the Fact Sheet on Chemically Treated Wood

Is this what you want to see every day?

A image of a Wood Rot Piling
A image of a Steel Rusted Piling
A image of another Wood Rot Piling

Please, reach us at SandCastle Developers (973) 464-5506 or for more information. You can also use the .